Landmark S3000 Series unveiled at the Australian Audio & AV Show

The rebirth of Hi Fi

With more than 125 years of musical experience, Yamaha is set to reinvigorate the top-end of the Hi Fi market with its latest high-fidelity incarnation - the S3000 Series.

Recognised the world over for its piano manufacturing exploits, the global leader in sound has cultivated a reputation which transcends that of its musical instrument pursuits. Evergrowing expertise in a range of audio disciplines has seen equipment emblazoned with the Yamaha tuning forks become a part of the furniture in some the world’s most respected recording studios and concert halls. This ethos extends to the development of audio products for the home which draw on this wealth of musical experience to present the listener with trademark Natural Sound.

“Yamaha continues to push the envelope with products that redefine how we enjoy music,” explains Simon Goldsworthy - General Manager, Yamaha Music Australia. “The S3000 Series marks the next chapter in Yamaha’s pursuit of the ultimate in audio - a tradition that we have been harnessing for more than 125 years.”

Comprised of the A-S3000 stereo amplifier and CD-S3000 SACD/CD player, the S3000 Series promises to continue the legacy established by an enviable back-catalogue of ground-breaking audio products - some of which have evolved to become regarded as ‘legendary’ in Hi Fi circles today. Examples of such include the NS-1000M monitor speakers of the mid-70s, the commemorative 10000 Series control and power amplifier in the 80s, GT-2000 turntable and iconic NS-10M near-field studio monitors to name a few.

It is an unrivalled musical heritage dating back to the birth of Yamaha in 1887 that is channelled for the creation of the S3000 Series. Subtle glimpses of inspiration are evident in its construction with craftsmanship refined over 125 years producing musical instruments. From the meticulous switch design and precision-fit glass of the VU meters, to the original speaker terminals and seamless body which conceals all screws and fasteners from view, the S3000 Series epitomises Yamaha’s pursuit for the ultimate in audio reproduction.

The S3000 Series made its public debut at the 2013 Australian Audio and AV Show hosted by the Intercontinental in Melbourne recently. The event stretched over three days from the 18th October and attracted audio and Hi Fi enthusiasts from around the country.

In addition, a private showing of the S3000 Series was presented prior to the show-opening to an audience of select Yamaha retailers. International guests, Mr Susumu Kumazawa and Mr Yuichi Semba of Yamaha’s Hi Fi design team were on-hand during this intimate presentation, providing a unique opportunity to gain insight into the development of the series.

The A-S3000 integrated 2 channel amplifier and CD-S3000 SACD/CD player is available now with recommended retail prices (RRP) of $8,999 and $7,499 respectively. The Silver model of each unit is available with Piano Black or Birch Wood side panels. The Black model is paired with either Piano Black or a Dark Brown wooden finish for the sides.

Reflecting the S3000 Series’ prominence, Yamaha Music Australia is offering an exclusive 10 year warranty applicable to both units. The assurance, which doubles the period of Yamaha’s previous flagship AV warranty, is an unprecedented move from Yamaha’s AV Division - matching that of the company’s world-class acoustic pianos. The 10 year warranty provides peace-of-mind to customers with a 12 month replacement warranty where if the unit is found to be faulty within the first year the customer is eligible for a replacement.