Introducing AVENTAGE Series IV

First two receiver models from AVENTAGE Series IV revealed.

Now into its fourth year, Yamaha’s AVENTAGE Series serves as the company’s premium line of home theatre receivers demonstrating the latest innovations and uncompromising construction techniques to bring studio-grade performance into the home.

The 7.2 channel RX-A730 and RX-A830 AV receivers are the first to be released from the new series - ‘Series IV’ - sporting trademark AVENTAGE performance, intuitive control and enhanced connectivity. Both models build on connectivity from last year’s series. A MHL-capable (Mobile High-Definition Link) HDMI port on the front of the receiver. This provides convenient access to Full HD video and 7.1 channel audio from Android smartphones and tablets. Apple users can still enjoy the convenience of USB connectivity for devices such as an iPad while AirPlay continues to provide wireless streaming from a range of AirPlay-enabled apps.

Signalling a shift in the way we discover and enjoy our favourite music is the inclusion of Pandora® Internet radio as part of the arsenal for both the RX-A730 and RX-A830. Pandora enables users to create and synchronise their own tailored music streaming service across multiple devices based on a favourite artist, song, composer, genre or comedian. Whether listening to old favourites or discovering new music, the ability to log in directly from the AV receiver enables quick access to the user’s favourite music.

Yamaha’s free-to-download AV Controller app continues to provide acclaimed functionality and enhanced control. In its latest version the app delivers enhanced zone functionality, customisable input and zone naming, and the ability to hide unused icons for even greater user-friendly navigation. Connecting the RX-A730 and RX-A830 to a home network is made easy through the YWA-10 wireless network adaptor which is supplied with both receivers.

The RX-A730 and RX-A830 serve as the entertainment hub for the modern home. In addition to streaming MP3, WMA, and AAC files, high-resolution WAV and FLAC files are also supported up to 192 kHz/24-bit from a DLNA-enabled server - upgraded from 96 kHz/24-bit on last year’s models. Support for these high-resolution formats appeals to a new generation of audio enthusiasts looking for a high-end alternative to compressed music formats.

For multi-channel home theatre, the RX-A730 and RX-A830 employ technology borrowed from Yamaha’s sound bar range to create surround sound effects without the need for side and rear speakers. The new Virtual CINEMA DSP mode produces 7.1 channel surround sound utilising the front main speakers exclusively, locating sounds around the listener without using surround speakers. This effect is improved further by also employing Yamaha’s presence speakers which sit at the front of the room just above the height of the panel. Achieving surround sound without speakers positioned around the room is becoming increasingly popular with contemporary design taking a minimalist approach.

Serving the needs of the entire home, the RX-A730 features Zone 2 functionality capable of playing two independent audio sources in different areas of the home. The RX-A830 adds to this versatility in home entertainment with dual HDMI outputs, enabling the same video source to be played on two display devices simultaneously - HDMI Zone B - as well as Party Mode which lets users automatically synchronise content in all zones at the touch of a button.

Armed with two additional HDMI inputs over the RX-A730, bringing the total to eight, the RX-A830 also sports a phono input and 7.2 channel pre-out. YPAO auto calibration with Reflected Sound Control (R.S.C.) features on both models, streamlining the set-up process with professional results. The RX-A830 adds multipoint measurement optimising audio in up to eight listening positions or alternatively enlarging the sweet spot in the room.

The RX-A730 and RX-A830 are available now with recommended retail prices (RRP) of $1,199 and $1,499 respectively. Highlighting the reliability of the AVENTAGE range, Series IV models again are backed by a 4 year warranty with 12 month replacement warranty. For more information on the AVENTAGE Series and Yamaha’s home entertainment solutions, call 1300 739 411.


With market-leading performance and innovation that has become synonymous with AVENTAGE, the 7.2 channel RX-A730 delivers exceptional value as the first receiver of Series IV. Connectivity and features designed to meet the demands of today’s entertainment world include app control, AirPlay, Pandora® Internet radio, and MHL for Full HD video and audio from compatible mobile devices. Whether accessing music from the Internet or intuitively streaming audio from network sources (including high-definition, 192 kHz/24-bit audio), Yamaha’s AV Controller app provides the most versatile way to connect with your favourite tunes.

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Open the door to a world of entertainment possibilities. Armed with extensive connectivity options including 8 HDMI inputs, dual simultaneous HDMI outputs and MHL support for Full HD audio and video from compatible devices, the RX-A830 network receiver delivers the versatility to keep the whole family entertained. The adaptable RX-A830 combines sophisticated network features and multi-zone technology with user-friendly operation, including app control, to realise seamlessly integrated home entertainment.

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