Junior Original Concert

The comprehensive and detailed curriculum of the Yamaha Music Education courses provides the students with all the necessary tools and motivation to be able to create their own compositions and the Junior Original Concert (JOC) is a unique event run by Yamaha which provides the opportunity for Yamaha Music Education students in Intermediate and Advanced Courses to perform their compositions to an appreciative audience.

For the past 100 years, music education has traditionally focused on teaching children just how to play pieces composed by other people, with the craft of composition generally being ignored until their late teens or something to be taught in tertiary-level studies.

However, a core philosophy of the Yamaha Music Education System is to nurture, encourage and develop the musical creativity, which naturally exists within every child, and this philosophy is reflected in our curriculum in all of our courses.

In the Yamaha Beginner Courses (Music Wonderland, Junior Music Course, Junior Fundamental Course), the students are taught with a strong sense of image for each piece which helps them to clearly understand how to concretely express a wide range of emotions through music. Through focusing on developing skills such as musical expression and appreciation, aural (ear) training and keyboard harmony (chords), music becomes so much more than just a random sequence of notes printed on a page.

Having developed a wide range of fundamental music skills and having a clear understanding of musical image, the students are now ready to apply this knowledge in the Yamaha Intermediate Courses and begin to compose for themselves. As they progress through the Intermediate Courses, the students are taught specific skills which enable them to be able to express their own musical images through composing and performing their own compositions. And through further studies in the Yamaha Advanced Courses, students are able to compose longer and even more complex pieces. This ability to be able to express oneself through the craft of writing and performing one's own composition is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences that any musician can experience and clearly demonstrates the wide-ranging skills and abilities inherent in that artist. See Daniel Yuen, at our Asia Pacific Junior Original Concert in 2016.