Core Features

Comprehensive Music Education

An essential part of enjoying music is a comprehensive understanding of the elements: 'listen', 'sing', 'play', 'read' and 'compose'. Yamaha Music Education uses the keyboard as a learning tool, not only with a focus on technical guidance for playing, but also allowing children to learn music from different aspects. Therefore, children are motivated to apply their imagination and nurture their creativity.

Timely Education

It is Yamaha's principal belief that while children physically and mentally develop they naturally enjoy and absorb music, it is important that the education they receive is age appropriate and sequential. For young children, teaching with an emphasis on 'hearing' will help acquire their fundamental music ability and sensitivity to music while enjoying it.

Group Lessons

Children can share a greater joy of music by learning together with other children. Playing in ensemble with friends allows them to have an enjoyable experience and deepen their understanding of music. Through group lessons, children have the chance to make friends and enhance their social skills and cooperation with others. Yamaha Music Education believes that group lessons are the most effective way to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young children.