Shane Wakker

Yamaha Drums are my choice for hitting and banging. The quality is second to none right across the board; from the beautiful sounding tones that come from the shells to the bomb-proof hardware. Yamaha Drums are perfect for any musical style also - what more could you want?! Oh, and did I mention their damn sexy tubs too...?


Shane Wakker

Shane Wakker is a drummer hailing from Gippsland in country Victoria.

His playing style can only be described as one of absolute versatility with him working live and in the studio with many bands and artists, crossing from rock and punk, all the way through to jazz and world music. Wakker’s list of playing credits include the likes of Bodyjar, Cola Wars, Steelbirds, Horsell Common, Trial Kennedy, Jacob Butler, and After The Fall, which is only scratching the surface when comes to how many acts he has worked with over the years.

Recently Shane has been busy with his full time project of the past ten years, Australian rock icons ‘Bodyjar’, who late last year released their 7th studio record “Role Model (out through UNFD). This has seen Wakker touring constantly around Australia, plus tours of Europe and Japan where the ‘Jar’ also has a large fan base. Bodyjar also just recently celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band with another massive Oz tour!

When not playing live or in the studio you will find Shane busy in his home teaching studio giving tuition to a large timetable worth of students, which he enjoys a lot. “There is nothing better than seeing a student progressing in massive amounts and having a heaps of fun all in the process”, he says.

Whats up next for Wakker? Who knows, but you can bet theres going to be something exciting on the cards!!


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