Jeff Consi

I have been playing Yamaha Drums for over 15 years, and they consistently sound great recorded and in live situations. Sound, feel, and quality are what I look for in a kit and Yamaha delivers 100%. There is a reason Yamaha are one of the most recorded drums in popular music history.



Jeff Consi is a New York drummer who currently lives and works in Melbourne. Jeff is most known for his work with guitarist Nuno Bettencourt from the multi-platinum selling band Extreme.

With a career spanning over thirty years, Jeff has been fortunate enough to perform in the studio and/or live with the following artists and producers:

Nuno Bettencourt, Suze DeMarchi, Guy Sebastian, Kate Ceberano, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Will Lee, Anthony J. Resta, T.M. Stevens, Jack Douglas, Cory Glover, Frank Filapetti, Dale Ryder, David Franj, Alan Fletcher, Jerome Smith, Wilbur Wilde, Brian Mannix and Kids in The Kitchen, Geoff Achison & the Soul Diggers, Carolyn Oates, Ben Abraham, Phil Manning, and Broderick Smith

Growing up with a father who was a New York City studio engineer, Jeff was exposed to recording drums at a very young age. This invaluable experience has made Jeff a sought after session drummer for many local and international artists.

Some notable television soundtracks and commercials which feature Jeff's work include:

Ferrari (US), Comedy Central (US), Australian Off Road Championships, Australian Super, Dance Academy (ABC TV), RMIT, and E&S Trading


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