Daniel Harper

"Every Yamaha drum set I have tried has a really consistent tone, I love how big the toms sound/feel and the crack of the snare, and I have only really played the stage custom and oak custom! Some of my favourite players are Yamaha endorsed, such as Justin Foley, Andrew Fisenden, Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd, Ben Falle and Adam Weston from Birds of Tokyo. Talking to Adam about the brand capitalized even more on the interest I had with Yamaha, and using the drums every day at WAAPA cemented my love. Could not be happier with representing such a great brand and being a part of this wonderful family."


My name is Daniel Harper and I am a 22 year old Session Musician, Music Educator from Perth, Western Australia. I have been playing the drums since I was 9 years old and I grew up listening to Rock and R&B/Funk. I have studied all sorts of styles and techniques, I love Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal, Reggae, Fusion and countless other genres.

Some of my favorite drummers would be Chad Smith, John Bonham, Thomas Pridgen and Aaron Gillespie. I am currently studying contemporary drumming and music education at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. For the last three years I played and toured for Perth Hardcore band Statues and I am now playing for Alt Pop artist Adria and garage rock band Buzz Aldrin, as well as cover band and session work.