Brett Mitchell

"My first professional kit was a Recording Custom in 1997, and I’ve loved Yamaha drums ever since. Their drum lines are the product of precision engineering, a true sense of musicality and decades of experience and innovation – and it shows in everything they make. From the sweat, noise and general chaos of live gigs large or small, to the controlled environment of a studio situation, their reliability, versatility and performance is second to none. There is one downside - when something goes wrong, I can’t blame my drums!"


Brett Mitchell

Brett Mitchell is the drummer of Australian band Jebediah.

Formed in 1995 by Kevin Mitchell (Guitar / Vox), Brett Mitchell (Drums), Chris Daymond (Guitar) and Vanessa Thornton (Bass), Jebediah started out playing the normal gigs young bands do. A school ball here, a band comp there. They stood out a little from the Perth band scene at the time as they were a little brasher than most and seemed to worry more about how high and hard they could pogo around the stage than how to hit that note just right. Things started to get a little silly around April 1996, with a bunch of labels chasing the band, and an eventual signing to Murmur Records (home of Ammonia and Silverchair at the time). The momentum grew with some amazing shows supporting bands such as Presidents of the USA and Everclear, and playing at Homebake and The Falls festivals. Late 96 the debut single Jerks of Attention; is released, garners the band its first national radio play and the Jebs start hitting the road properly. They have been together ever since.

Even after a 7 year hiatus, the band’s return in 2011 with the album Kosciuszko proved the band are very much a loved crew - selling out the better part of a year long tour through 2011 and cementing single “She’s Like A Comet” in the hearts of many.

Over their career they have had 15 hit singles; been nominated for 5 ARIA’s, 2 APRA’s and 11 WAMi awards; won 8 WAMi Awards, including Most Popular Single in 2011, and took home First Prize in the highly acclaimed International Songwriting Competition for “She’s Like A Comet”.