Dante Virtual Soundcard

Installing and activating Dante Virtual Soundcard

If you have purchased a product such as CL/QL series bundled with a license of Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS), you can use the DVS token supplied with your product to redeem a license as follows.

1. Download the DVS.

The DVS is available for download from Audinate's website.

  • i. Go to Audinate's website: http://www.audinate.com/
  • ii. Navigate to Products > Dante Virtual Soundcard.
  • iii. If not already logged in, you will be asked to log in or register before continuing.
  • iv. Download either version of DVS depending on your OS.

For details on the system requirements and important notes, refer to the web page above or the Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide.

2. Obtain your license ID.

Use your DVS token bundled with your product to obtain a licence ID for DVS. Your DVS token serial number is printed on the leaflet supplied with your product (The serial number on the leaflet is not a license ID).

  • i. Go to Audinate's website:
  • ii. Navigate to Products > Redeem DVS Token
  • iii. Enter your DVS token serial number.
  • iv. The license ID will be emailed to you immediately.

3. Install and activate the DVS.

  • i. Double-click the DVS installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • ii. Start up the DVS and navigate to Licensing tab.
  • iii. Enter the license ID and click Activate while the PC has access to the internet.

Now you can run the DVS on your PC. For further information, refer to the Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide.