Here are some recommended products listed with their basic functions to help guide you in selecting the right instrument

For Band Use

Recommended Products PSR-EW410
  • Portable Keyboard
  • 76 Keys
  • Live! Grand Piano with Layered Sound
  • Arranger Workstations
  • One-man-band performance with accompaniment
  • Mic/Guitar Input
  • Compact Digital Piano
  • High-quality sound and natural piano touch
  • Stage Piano
  • Weighted keys
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Synthesizer
  • Weighted keys
  • Contains tons of MOTIF sounds
Montage 8
  • Synthesizer
  • Seamless Sound Switching
  • Multiple parameters control by Super Knob
Number of Keys?
76 61 88 88 88 88
Weighted Keyboard?
No No Yes
(Graded Hammer Standard)
(Graded Hammer)
(Graded Hammer Standard)
(Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard)
Built-In Speakers?
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Onboard Sounds?
758 1,652 24 480 1,296 Approx. 2,000
Computer Integration MIDI and Audio?
MIDI & Audio
MIDI Only MIDI only MIDI only MIDI & Audio
MIDI & Audio

For Grand Piano Solo Use

Recommended Products CLP-665GP
  • Digital Piano
  • Compact grand-style cabinet
  • Concert Grand Pianos' samping sounds
  • Various voices such as organs, strings, etc.
  • Hybrid Piano
  • Sound, touch and action of Grand Piano
  • Tuning is unnecessary
  • Can connect directly to sound system
  • Acoustic Piano
  • Real/acoustic instrument embodies player's emotion and feelings including atmosphere
  • Acoustic Piano with silent piano technology
  • Can connect directly to sound system
  • 10 various voices such as electric piano, organs, etc.
Real Grand Piano Action?
No Yes Yes Yes
Not Needed Not Needed Needed Needed
Connects Directly to Sound System?
Yes Yes No Yes

Tips for Keyboard

In this video series, Yamaha provides some great tips for worship keyboardists!

Episode 1. Keyboard Auto-power Mode On/Off

How to control the Auto Power On & Off function on your electronic keyboard

Episode 2. How to Pick the Right One

Valuable tips for picking the right keyboard for your worship service

Episode 3. Utility Settings and Functions

Getting familiar with Utility Settings on your electronic keyboard

Episode 4. Setting Tempo

How to set Tempo on your electronic keyboard

Episode 5. Set Keyboard Clockmode

Learn how to use Clock Mode on your electronic keyboard

Episode 6. Local On/Off

Learn when to use Local On & Off on your electronic keyboard

Episode 7. Transpose Your Keyboard

Many times in a worship band, you will suddenly be asked to play a song in a new key

Episode 8. Layering Sounds

Layering or blending two sounds together is as important part of worship music

Episode 9. Playing Backing Tracks

Playing back tracks from external devices on your electronic keyboard

Episode 10. Using Keyboards As Audio Interfaces

Connecting a computer to your electronic keyboard

Tips for Drums

Here are some great tips from Yamaha for worship drummers!

Drum Mic Solution for Church using EAD10

One stereo mic attached to the kick drum is all that's needed to mic the entire drum set... the easiest drum mic you will ever use at church!

Choosing Drums for Houses of Worship

How to select the right drums for your service that will make a difference for out of control stage volume

Lower Stage Volume: Choosing Cymbals and Sticks

How to lower onstage drum volume by selecting the correct cymbals and sticks

Lower Stage Volume: Choosing Heads and Tuning

The right head choice and proper drum tuning can go a long way towards addressing volume issues associated with drums as well as the overall musicality of the instrument

Combining Electronics and Acoustic Drums

How to utilize Yamaha’s DTX electronic drums and the Yamaha DTX Multipad to expand beyond what you can do with an acoustic kit alone

Tips for Guitar and Bass

Great tips from Yamaha for worship guitarists and bassists!

Are you forced to sacrifice real acoustic guitar sound because of feedback?

You have a really effective anti-feedback reduction system, built-in tuner and all the electronics you need to make the guitar sound great live

Off the Shelf Hot Rodded Guitar

Worship Leader, Artist and Nashville session guitarist Tom Lane discusses the Yamaha Pacifica 611 electric guitar

Active and Passive on One Bass

Yamaha TRB504: The benefits of having active and passive pickups on one bass

Bass Guitar Performance Presets

Bassist Jason Foster shares his experience with the Yamaha TRBX-305 featuring versatile performance EQ pre-sets.

Yes, Yamaha’s Portable Keyboard PSR-S775/975 comes loaded with several backing tracks, and you can add many more at In addition, the keyboards come with powerful built-in speakers, and are equipped with a microphone input, so no external PA system is required to sing along. All you need is the keyboard and a microphone to perform.

With the PSR-S975, you can add sound effects to the microphone, such as reverb and compression.

The Vocal Harmonizer function allows you to perform with different styles of backing vocals, and with automatic accompaniment, you can sound like a full band through one instrument.

Yes, the auxiliary analog input on the keyboard lets you connect an external playback device with regular audio cables, so the audio from your external device comes out of the analog output from your keyboard, it turns your keyboard into a small mixer.

Yes, connecting the computer is as simple as plugging in a USB cable.

Yamaha keyboards all work with class compliant drivers in OSX, iOS and Windows.

Yes, you can discover, create and share sounds for Montage and reface series at Yamaha Soundmondo.


Yes, the EAD10 acoustic electronic drum module instantly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful, digital hybrid with sampled sounds and studio-quality digital effects.

One stereo mic attached to the kick drum is all that's needed to mic the entire drum set.

See how easy it is to add and control sounds and effects with the EAD10!

Refer to Solution Video

In many churches now both small and large, bass guitars are going direct into the sound system and not using an amplifier. This allows the sound engineer to better control the volume and sound quality of the bass.

Refer to related FAQ

Yes, Yamaha's Chord Tracker app analyzes the audio songs stored in your iOS device's music library and then displays the song chords on the screen, allowing you to play your favorite songs.

Refer to Feature Video

Yes, Yamaha's free Metronome app for iOS devices.

With the "Edit Chain" option you can add songs to a set list.

Then, when you hit stop in your playlist the app will go to the next song automatically.

You can also save mixes with various subdivisions of beats heard or not heard, and you can lose the accent on down beats if desired.

Now, keeping a steady tempo through meter changes is easily done.

Yes, you can use your iPad to record your worship services with Steinberg's UR22mkII Audio Interface.

It comes bundled with CUBASIS LE music production software designed for iOS devices.

There are also other features that make connectivity a breeze. Check out this video for the UR22mkII.

Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference2017



David Andrew
(Hillsong Church -Sydney)



Marcos Witt


Montage 8

Centro Educativo Indigena A.C.






Wole Oni


Montage 8




Montage 8

Rolf Wam Fjell
(Hillsong Church -Sydney)



Andy Harrison


Recording Custom

Ethan Kinnunen
(Hillsong Church -Sydney)


Absolute Hybrid Maple

Mylen Quéry
(Église Nouvelle Vie de Longueuil)


Recording Custom Kit


reface YC

Joth Hunt



Priscilla Alcantara




McDonald’s Choir Showcase



Tour Custom




JPCC "Made Alive"



Absolute Hybrid Maple


Recording CUstom


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