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Width:1,481 mm (58-5/16") Height:1,014 mm (39-15/16") Depth:1,195 mm (47-1/16")

Touch, pedal feel, reverberation, and resonance—by all metrics, the N3X meets or surpasses the demands of even the most discriminating pianist.

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Width:1,465 mm (57-11/16”) Height:1,001 mm (39-7/16”) Depth:618 mm (24-5/16”)

Feeling just like a grand piano to play, the standard model of the AvantGrand lineup also captivates with the distinctive elegant curves of that majestic instrument.

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Width:1,501 mm (59-1/8") Height:1,024 mm (40-5/16") Depth:462 mm (18-3/16")

The experience of pure performance from the spirit of a grand piano in the smallest size in AvantGrand family.

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