A piano comes into this world through the perfect synergy
of innovation and artistry, producing sound that truly conveys the player’s emotions.
The final step in manufacturing a piano is called ‘voicing’.
This crucial stage breathes life into the instrument.
To accomplish this, skilled experts focus their attention and sensitivity to each note;
delicately adjust the hardness and resilience of the hammers that strike the strings,
giving the piano its tonal personality.
Bringing the same expertise and care to our audio products.
Yamaha's experienced technicians perform exhaustive listening tests
and carefully consider every single element to draw closer -
step by meticulous step - to the ideal sound.

Introducing the S3000 Series.
The absolute culmination of
high-fidelity audio.

A leader in sound on the world stage, Yamaha has drawn on its unmatched musical history to create the S3000 Series.
All the energy and subtle nuances of the recording are faithfully reproduced with absolutely nothing left out.
The result is a remarkably pure sound -
powerfully expressive and exquisitely profound.
The S3000 Series represents the ultimate in listening enjoyment - a tradition Yamaha has been passionately harnessing for more than 125 years.

as3000 facades