Steeped in rich musical traditions that have spanned
more than 126 years, Yamaha continues to
explore the limits of sound.
It is with this unyielding ambition to reproduce
the intangible nuances of a live musical performance
that inspires innovation and
redefines how we experience music.

Enter the S2100 Series.

A tour de force in high-fidelity audio.

As the world’s biggest sound company, Yamaha’s
reputation transcends that of
its celebrated grand pianos.
A stable of legendary products that have
been influential in shaping the sound of audio
in the home dates back to 1954
when Yamaha introduced its first high-fidelity
turntable and coined the term ‘Hi Fi’.
Echoing the flagship A-S3000 integrated amplifier
which transformed the high-end audio market in 2013,
this lineage is inherited by the S2100 Series
and has been drawn upon to present a new face
in the world of Hi Fi.

a-s2100 facade a-s2100 facade