Poster packs to brighten up any classroom or studio

Yamaha Music Australia values music education and the role teachers play in creating a thriving music industry. To say thank you for all that music educators do every year for the last five years we offer free classroom poster packs, to brighten up music rooms and studios. This year, Yamaha Music Australia is excited to offer two brand new poster packs. A pack focused on Music Advocacy, and a pack specially designed with Piano Teachers in mind.

Music Advocacy Pack

This year’s Music Advocacy Poster Pack features talented individuals who play music in conjunction with other professions or interests, breaking down the idea that the only reason to study music is to become a professional musician, or that music is simply a distraction from traditional academic studies.

Piano Teacher Pack

The Piano Teacher Poster Pack features five posters designed for piano studios, to inspire you and your students to express their emotion, individuality and creativity. The pack also features two of our most requested designs: The Anatomy of the Upright Piano and Careers in Music.

“Yamaha Music Australia are really proud of our Off to a Great Start poster offer. We have been offering posters like this for a few years now, and it is always fun to walk into a school and see these posters in pride of place within the music department” Mat Taylor – Yamaha Music Australia

To register for poster packs for your school, visit the link below.