Yamaha Grade Examination System

The Yamaha Grade Examination System was established in 1967 for the purpose of enabling everyone who is learning music to improve their musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their overall ability.

Are the exams recognised and well regarded?

The exams are currently conducted in over 30 countries/regions worldwide and more than 10 million people have taken part in the examination system.

Who are the examiners?

Two well trained examiners are required for each grade level exam, which ensures marking for all candidates is consistent. Examiners are certified by the Yamaha Music Foundation Japan.

What subjects are covered in the exams?

Yamaha Grade Examinations cover a wide range of music abilities. As well as testing for repertoire performance and technical skills, imitation playing and singing of both melody and harmony, keyboard harmony, accompaniment and improvisation are just some of the subjects included.

Each subject is marked individually, with specific feedback provided as well as an overall assessment mark for the exam.

When can I sit an exam?

Students in the intermediate and advanced level group courses are invited to sit the appropriate exam level based on their current course.

Yamaha Piano Course students are able to work towards sitting an exam based on their individual learning journey with their teacher.