About Yamaha Music School

Why Choose Yamaha Music School?

Internationally designed curriculum | Operating in Australia for over 50 years | 6 million graduates | 650,000 students world-wide | Taught in over 40 countries

Music education is widely recognised for the multitude of positive benefits music can have on the brain, especially when introduced at an early stage of development.

Yamaha Music School recognises these benefits and delivers courses specifically designed for your child’s age group, giving them an exciting and rewarding experience while learning music.

Since launching over 50 years ago in Australia, Yamaha Music School continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum by fostering student potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.

I continue to be inspired by what my students are able to achieve through the excellent age-appropriate curriculum at Yamaha – Rebecca Dwyer, Yamaha Music School Teacher

A part of what makes Yamaha Music School so unique is our teachers. We understand the role a teacher plays throughout your child’s education, as well as the support and encouragement required by educators to ensure a positive learning environment. Our teachers are highly trained and qualified musicians who are dedicated to delivering the very best in music education.

Rebecca Dwyer - Yamaha Music School Teacher - recalls, "I grew up with a strong love for music and I believe learning with Yamaha as a child is the reason for that. As I share the joy of music with my students and families each week in our lessons, I continue to be inspired by what my students are able to achieve through the excellent age-appropriate curriculum at Yamaha."

Comprehensive Music Education

An essential part of enjoying music is a comprehensive understanding of the elements: 'listen', 'sing', 'play', 'read' and 'compose'. Yamaha Music School uses the keyboard as a learning tool, not only with a focus on technical guidance for playing, but also allowing children to learn music from different aspects.

Timely Education

It is Yamaha's principal belief that while children physically and mentally develop, they also naturally enjoy and absorb music. It is important that the education they receive is age appropriate and sequential.

Group Lessons

Playing in an ensemble with friends allows students to have an enjoyable experience and deepen their understanding of music. We believe group lessons are the most effective way to stimulate the emotional and mental development of young children.