Yamaha Annual Concert

Performance is a major part in any arts-based activity but is especially important for students undertaking group music lessons. At Yamaha Music School, we pride ourselves on giving our students the opportunity to share in a large-scale Annual Concert to showcase their progression at all stages of their Yamaha Journey.

During the Yamaha Music School Annual Concert, students travel to premier concert facilities such as Monash University’s Alexander Theatre and have the chance to showcase all that they have learnt in their time with Yamaha with their friends and loved ones. For many of our students, this is the first time that they are exposed to live performance which is such a memorable and significant time in their lives, participating in ensembles alongside their peers and their teacher.

The Annual Concert gives students the opportunity to express themselves, developing self-confidence, motivation and cooperation through weekly activities leading up to the concert, giving them experience in performing as a cohort so that they are well prepared when it comes to performing on stage. These skills are an essential tool for your child’s future, fostering flexible, confident and creative young minds which is a crucial part in a holistic Yamaha education.

If you are interested in learning more about our Yamaha Annual Concert, feel free to reach out to us.

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