Kurt Williams

"The SRT pickup system gives the warmth, clarity, response and projection that was missing from my previous piezo only set up. The absolute authentic sound reproduction and resonance of an acoustic guitar is what makes SRT great for professional live use! It responds fantastically to your attack on the strings. I basically need less effects and EQ to get 'my sound'. This system is definitely the leader of the pack."


Kurt Williams

Kurt is a naturally gifted music performer who draws the audience into his live shows - keeping the experience genuine, accessible and down to earth. Anyone who has seen one of Kurt's performances can appreciate the vitality and raw energy he creates on stage.

The merging of classic riffs and solos with his own slide and finger style technique show his deep emotive and technical knowledge of the acoustic and electric guitar. His vocals display a deep resonant masterful growl that can belt it out or treat it tender.

Kurt has built a strong reputation throughout his musical career, touring nationally as an original blues-rock artist and also playing the classics in every type of venue imaginable. Kurt has had airplay on many radio stations including Triple J and Radio National and been promoted and featured through premier print media.

"‘If acoustic blues with a sting in the tail is your thing, go no further, Williams’s singing and guitar playing will sandblast you with his raw conviction”. Sydney Morning Herald