Gene Peterson

They sound amazing, look fantastic, and the hardware is rock solid. They really are incredible drums!



Gene Peterson has quickly cemented his name as one of Australia's leading performers and producers.

As a musician, Gene is a virtuosic percussionist, an exceptional pianist, and a masterful entertainer. He has toured throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, America and The Middle East, delivering well over 1000 shows and workshops across 30 tours in the past 7 years alone. He has featured at a variety of major festivals including the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania), the Singapore Arts Festival, the Holland Dance Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Brisbane Festival (to name just a few), and is renowned for his fresh and exciting approach to live performance.

Aside from his successes as a touring artist, Gene is also an award winning composer, and at just 14 years of age, had his work ‘Raindance’ performed by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. He has since been commissioned to compose the scores for several theatre shows, and has even had his works performed on Broadway.

As a producer, Gene has established a solid reputation for outstanding productions targeting the youth/family demographic. In 2011, he founded Onyx Productions, which within its’ first three years of operation, has produced 4 different shows, coordinated 13 major tours across Australia, Europe, Asia & America, and has delivered over 800 performances and workshops!

Gene currently tours as the drummer in his latest show 360 ALLSTARS, which features two world champion break-dancers, the two-time world champion BMX flatlander, a basketball freestyler, a roué cyr artist and a beat-boxing vocal loop artist, in a radical urban circus!


This pinnacle of electronic drumming technology is fully equipped with DTX-PAD drum pads, next-generation electronic drum pads that Yamaha has designed specifically for drummers. It also boasts the HEX RACK, a genuine rack made by a dedicated drum hardware manufacturer.


With YAMAHA's Absolute Series you can create the ideal drum kit by choosing your favorite elements from our highest-quality materials and components.

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