ZG Series

Make It Your World.

For serious gaming enthusiasts, game time is irreplaceable, and in terms of the actual gaming experience— the more immersive the better. The ZG series was designed for gamers, specifically for game voice chat and game streaming.

The ZG series leverages the extensive knowledge and expertise that Yamaha has accrued over decades of developing not only advanced sound processing and acoustic technologies, but some of the most iconic professional audio products in the world.

This know-how combined with a simple yet flexible interface and customizable features creates a highly immersive gaming experience. Connect to your new world with ZG.

Dedicated gaming design

Yamaha ZG Series: Dedicated gaming design

The ZG01 is Yamaha’s first audio mixer designed specifically for game voice chat and game streaming.

This new mixer allows you to tailor the game audio, your voice, and the voice of the person you are chatting with to your own playback environment, while simultaneously providing the ideal audio signal for both your chat partner and the audience you are streaming to.

A uniquely immersive experience for you and your audiences

Yamaha ZG Series: A uniquely immersive experience for you and your audiences

Yamaha’s ZG Sound Processing delivers a powerful immersive gaming experience, with game audio faithfully reproduced by virtual surround sound processing, vivid voice chat that brings you closer to your friends, and voice effects that can be tailored to the specific environment of each game.

You can even stream the same immersive audio experience you are having to your viewers/ listeners that are tuning in with stereo headphones.

All your gaming requirements... Integrated

Yamaha ZG Series: All your gaming requirements... Integrated

The ZG series is smartly integrated with a variety of functions that you may not expect from its compact size.

Flexible audio functions featuring carefully selected physical controls combine with gaming-specific I/O connectivity and DSP effects to take every facet of your gaming audio experience to the next level.

Entering the World of Gaming

Each game has its own unique world and offers a multi-layered experience of enjoyment, excitement, and camaraderie, and sometimes even introduces new perspectives or philosophies.

With multi-play gaming and streaming becoming more commonplace, a new world with a vibrant culture surrounding esports and game streaming has sprung to life, constantly evolving and adapting to provide gamers with new realms of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

The ZG series was created not only to enhance the immersion into the worlds of games, but also to connect the people and players that inhabit them with a shared, immersive sonic experience.

Connect to these new worlds like never before with ZG.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.