Product Categories

Bb Trumpets

Bb TrumpetsBb Trumpets

Yamaha Bb trumpets are at home in any settings, from studio to big band, concert band, chamber group, or orchestra.

C Trumpets

C TrumpetsC Trumpets

Yamaha C trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound.

Rotary Trumpets

Rotary TrumpetsRotary Trumpets

Developed with leading players, Yamaha rotary trumpets represent the finest in the Germanic trumpet tradition. Their tone is round, warm and dark, but with a focused core for excellent projection.

E/Eb/D Trumpets

E/Eb/D TrumpetsE/Eb/D Trumpets

With their brilliant sound, clear, crisp attack, and excellent high register control, these trumpets are increasingly played as an alternative to Bb and C trumpets - especially for playing treacherous high passages.

Piccolo Trumpets

Piccolo TrumpetsPiccolo Trumpets

Yamaha piccolo trumpets are all easy to play, and offer a beautiful tone with excellent intonation.

Herald Trumpets

Herald TrumpetsHerald Trumpets

While it is visually exciting, it is also a high quiality professional trumpet with a brilliant tone ideal for fanfares.

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