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Bösendorfer Piano

Bösendorfer Piano

This is the ultimate additional Piano library has been optimized for MONTAGE.

Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Premium Grand Piano.
Imagine having not one but two incredible premium grand pianos, both optimized for MONTAGE. In addition to the incredible CFX, Yamaha is pleased to announce the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand Piano library.

Crafted in Vienna using exclusive Bösendorfer techniques, the Imperial 290 features the “Viennese Sound” – a characteristically warm tone perfect for playing Brahams, Beethoven, Oscar Peterson and more!

Imperial Grand Piano for MONTAGE

Mellow Imperial for MONTAGE

About the Campaign

Campaign Period:

From May 6, 2016 – June 30, 2017.


Purchasers of the MONTAGE6/7/8, Music Synthesizer


Features of the Bösendorfer Premium Piano

  • This content is only for MONTAGE. This is not compatible with other models.
  • This content contains 16 Performaces. All Performance have Super Knob feature and Audition.
  • Data size is around 400 MB.

How to download

You can download the "Bösendorfer Premium Piano" by registering your MONTAGE and entering your MONTAGE's

serial number from your computer.

Step 1

Please update your MONTAGE OS to V1.10 or later.

Click here

Step 2

Register your MONTAGE to YOM



Enter your account ID and Serial number of your MONTAGE

Serial number is printed in Montage's rear panel.

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Bösendorfer Piano



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