Hybrid Pianos

Hybrid Pianos

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Combining over one hundred years of superb piano craftsmanship with the latest advanced technologies.

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3/12/2014 [Musical Instruments]
AMEB Piano Series 17 National Launch

Yamaha has proudly partnered with AMEB to launch the new AMEB Series #17 Piano.

6/6/2014 [Musical Instruments]
Jamie Cullum Tours The Yamaha Piano Factories: The Artist, The Craftsman And The Instrument

Explore the unique relationships and passion involved in creating a Yamaha piano; from design, to the factory, to Jamie Cullum performing in Tokyo. It’s artist meeting artist, masters of craft and precision who come together to produce music. It is dedication.

29/5/2014 [Musical Instruments]
Buying an Instrument for Home: A Brief Guide for Parents

Learning an instrument is incredibly exciting and a very worthwhile endeavour. Music teachers know that the best musical results are achieved through regular, consistent practice at home on an instrument suited to the student’s level of playing.

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