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Clavinova CVP


Offering genuine touch and sound with a wide variety of features, Clavinova offers new ways to enjoy piano performance.

In addition to performance qualities that provide the expressive capability of a grand piano, there are a wide variety of functions, such as Guide and Auto Accompaniment for ensemble play. These pianos will bring you the true joy of making music.

A piano sound source recorded from a world-class Yamaha concert grand piano, and a keyboard that allows you to fully express emotions in sound. We have not only refined all performance-related elements, we have unified them into a piano capable of reproducing the player's original intentions. In addition to high level performance qualities, special features are provided, such as Guide, Auto Accompaniment and Karaoke. Digital pianos that are sure to expand the fun of making music.

The CVP Series offers lots of ways to enjoy music.

Even beginners can make their debut!

Play with a backup band and feel like a pro!

Make music a lively part of every party!
The joy of playing results from the seamless integration of these elements.

Even beginners can soon make their debut!

On-Screen score display shows you
what to play and when

Follow along with the bouncing ball shown on the score as you play, to be sure of never losing your place. And it automatically turns the page, letting them concentrate on their play.

Compatible models

Enjoy performing — even if you’re just starting out

To help beginners who don't read scores very well, a guide lamp shines a beam of light on the next key to be played. The guide lamps wait until you play the correct note, so you can practice at your own pace.

Compatible models

Famous songs to learn are stored

By playing the right and the left hands part separately, you can practice each hand thoroughly. You'll expand your performance repertory while greatly enjoying yourself.

Compatible models

Feel like a pro playing with a backup band!

Enjoy Ensemble by simply playing chords

1. Select a Style

Choose the Style best suited to the type of song you want to play.

2. Cue up the band

Add an impressive accompaniment by simply playing chords with your left hand.

3. Build the arrangement

Change the variation of the accompaniment or add an ending with a single button.

Compatible models

The proper settings are set automatically

If you have difficulty deciding which accompaniment Style and Voice to choose, you can use Music Finder. Simply select the title of the song you want to play and a matching Style, Voice and Tempo are set automatically.

Compatible models

Quickly finding an Accompaniment Styles

Play a simple rhythm and a chart displays matching Styles to choose from. Style Recommender makes style selection easy for everyone, no matter what song you are playing.

Compatible models

Make music a lively part of every party!

Plug in a mic for vocal performances

Plug in a microphone, and you can sing along with your playing. Play accompaniment to your own composition, or play along with a talented friend. Singing will add more fun to your home parties.

Compatible models

Throw a karaoke party

You can enjoy karaoke backed up by songs stored in your Clavinova. The lyrics are shown on the display*, and the letters change color as the song advances. Display the lyrics on a big TV screen so everyone can join in and the party will pick up steam.
*Only if the song data includes lyrics

Compatible models

Enrich your vocals with harmony

Using the Vocal Harmony function will add the lush harmonies of a chorus, even when you're singing alone. You can also have fun with vocal effects like vocoder, which makes your voice sound robotic.

Compatible models

Real Grand Expression. This is what we call the expressive power of the Clavinova, and it's shared by all the models in the CLP and CVP Series. By harmonizing sound, touch and pedals in a single piano, we achieve grand piano-like expressive power. The sound resonates just as the player intends, unlocking the true joy of playing.


Keys that respond perfectly to the player's intentions.



The sensation of playing a grand piano.



Achieving the ideal sound.



Taking great care with the texture and weight of the keys and their return action, we aim to provide the genuine natural response of a piano. With this superb feel and sound, you can express the most delicate of musical nuances.


Our aim is to achieve sound that lets you feel the excitement of the response and expressive power of a grand piano in each and every note.


Clavinovas provide the authentic experience of using the pedals of a grand piano to control resonance, allowing you to subtly vary the way sounds are expressed, and add greater depth to your performance.

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From the front of the keys to the back of the lid, fully experience



Combine piano playing and singing for double the fun! The touch panel allows easy access to a wide range of musical features.

CVP-605Other colours available



Real Grand Expression, with the dramatic resonance of a deep subwoofer, plus a rich supply of instrument Voices provide incredibly natural and realistic-sounding performances.

CVP-609Other colours available



Play along with a backup band. Use the guide function to learn new songs. Clavinova makes discovering and exploring music easy.

CVP-601Other colours available

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Buying an Instrument for Home: A Brief Guide for Parents

Learning an instrument is incredibly exciting and a very worthwhile endeavour. Music teachers know that the best musical results are achieved through regular, consistent practice at home on an instrument suited to the student’s level of playing.

1/10/2013 [Musical Instruments]
Yamaha Clavinova is celebrating its 30th birthday (1983 to 2013)

Yamaha Clavinova is celebrating its 30th birthday (1983 to 2013) - celebrate with us and enjoy lots of birthday surprises to mark 30 years of the Clavinova...

23/8/2013 [Artists]
Jools Holland Takes You on a Tour of Yamaha's Latest Clavinova Piano

Filmed in his own studio, Jools Holland explains in his own unique style, the features and sounds of the new CVP-609 Clavinova.

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