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Interchangeable Wedges Ideal for Latin and Hip-Hop.

Hoops (Rim)

Hoops (Rim)Hoops (Rim)

Our vintage wood hoops are crafted from selected maple, specially coated with urethane for maximum durability.

Ring Mutes

Ring MutesRing Mutes

Ring mutes of different sizes, different colors.



Replacement parts made from high quality materials.

Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)

Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)

Low-frequency capture device 'Subkick' can be used in tandem with a standard kick mic setup to deliver a monstrous bass drum sound.

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11/1/2016 [Musical Instruments]
Yamaha to launch new Recording Custom Drum Series, designed in partnership with Steve Gadd.

Yamaha Drums are pleased to announce that the famous Recording Custom Series has been re-designed with Steve Gadd and will be released in 2016.

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