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S90 ES


7/2005 Release Date

Product Registration

The Best Features Of The S Series, The Great Sounds Of MOTIF ES And More!

The Perfect Balance of Synthesizer and Piano

S90 ES Brochure [English] S90 ES BrochurePDF [715KB]

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Is the S90 ES an 88-note weighted action digital piano with the sonic flexibility of a synth or a synthesizer with the best sounding piano samples ever available? Actually, it's the perfect balance of both. The new multi-velocity stereo samples of Yamaha's hand-built S700 grand piano, the damper reverb effects, and half damper capability all ensure the S90 ES has the most expressive acoustic piano sound Yamaha has ever offered in a synthesizer.

The 128-note polyphony tone generator based on the award winning Motif ES (including 8 inserts, 2 system and separate mastering effects) and Studio Connections, mLAN, and PLG expandability give it all the sonic power and control flexibility of our Motif ES workstation lineup. The new S90 ES, the perfect balance of synthesizer and piano.


The Most Expressive Piano Voice Available In A Synth

In designing the S90 ES's new grand piano voice, the focus was in creating a voice that produces naturally sounding long tones even when played at a pianissimo level. To realize this goal, a generous 53MB of memory was dedicated to this voice to use long...

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Ben Grayson

Ben Grayson

"Whether in the studio or on the stage, I rely on Yamaha to deliver the goods. From my preferred piano, the Yamaha C7, to my S90ES, I know I'll get the tones I need every time."

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