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Control Synthesizer

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

* A bold metallic blue body, knobs reminiscent of an analog synth, and a simple key layout. Easy voice editing.
* AWM2 tone generator (Advanced Wave Memory - Sample and Subtractive sythesis, coupled with XG compatibility).
* Functionality that supports your playing - arpeggiator, scene controller, and performance functions.
* XG format compatible.
* Three digital effect blocks all of 24 bit resolution (11xReverb, 11xChorus, 42xVariation).
* Serial Host Adapter midi interface port for Mac and PC built in (requires CBX serial driver for PC).


Other Features

* Keyboard : 61 notes (velocity responsive).
* MIDI : (IN/OUT and THRU).
* Tactile user interface (similar to classic analogue keyboards).
* Analogue input.
* User assignable Modulation and Pitch Wheels.
* Flexible real-time arpeggiator.
* Maximum ...

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