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Where sound and light interact to create a captivating time and space. Allow yourself to be immersed - welcome to tranquility.



Simply dock your iPhone and listen to your favorite music while it charges. Or wirelessly connect to the speaker using Yamaha's DTA Controller app (Available from the App Store) for complete hands free music streaming.



Featuring Yamaha's trademark sound and enhanced functionality, the Wireless Audio range presents the easiest way to connect you with your music. Powered by Bluetooth, control is in the palm of your hand with the ability to wirelessly stream music from an...

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RRP: $349.00

This Wi-Fi-enabled streaming speaker is so compact you can put it just about anywhere for instant listening. It’s compatible with MusicCast, a new system that lets you connect devices such as AV receivers and desktop audio equipment via your home’s wirel...

WX-030Other colours available



RRP: $999.00

Inheriting all the precision of the classic NS-10M Studio Monitor, the STUDIO is a modern powered speaker which boasts performance and functionality beyond its class. Enjoy the best in sound whether from smartphone, streaming services, PC, NAS or TV audi...

NX-N500Other colours available



RRP: $699.00

Whether wall-mounted or placed on a shelf, FRAME provides an artful touch to interiors while also encompassing music. It has never been easier to fill your home with music. Welcome to MusicCast. Yamaha's revolutionary new multi-room sound system.

ISX-80Other colours available



RRP: $149.00

Simply dock your iPhone and listen to your favorite music while it charges. Let the sound envelop you naturally, relaxing both mind and body. The TSX-14 has been designed to fit right in with the way you live, bringing music closer to you and creating a...

TSX-14Other colours available



RRP: $379.00

During conversation or while lost in contemplation, the LSX-70 stands ready to immerse you in a world that is your very own.

LSX-70Other colours available



RRP: $149.00

Featuring a unique shape and five brilliant colors, the TSX-B15 will enliven the mood of any room. Bluetooth®-compatible, the TSX-B15 makes music more accessible, letting you play anytime from all kinds of devices. Its built-in alarm clock will also he...

TSX-B15Other colours available



RRP: $499.00

Infuse the space with sound, producing moments of art. Meditate upon fleeting beauty.

LSX-170Other colours available



RRP: $169.00

Whether at the beach or at a barbeque, the PDX-B11 wireless speaker is the perfect companion for your music this summer. Wirelessly stream your favourite tunes from smartphones, laptops and other Bluetooth compatible devices and enjoy the freedom of musi...

PDX-B11Other colours available



RRP: $599.00

Sometimes the most subtle finishing touches provide the most impact when decorating a room. Yamaha introduces a new concept in interior design with the Relit Series - a fusion of Light & Sound. Set the mood using Yamaha's DTA Controller app to wireles...

LSX-700Other colours available



RRP: $399.00

Yamaha’s NX-B150 is an interior-oriented Bluetooth®-enabled wireless sound system that not only adds style to the room, it sounds great. The unique design of the speakers will bring new depth to your everyday listening experience, taking you to the next ...

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