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Yamaha Graduates a New Round of Piano Technicians

1/7/2016 [Musical Instruments]


In June, Yamaha and Australasian School of Piano Technology graduated another three students into the piano tuning industry from their technicians school in Melbourne.

With one million pianos in Australia and another 7,000 being imported each year there is an alarming shortage of expertise to keep them in tune. The Australasian Piano Tuners Guild reports that of their 250 members sixty-five percent are over 50 years old. 

This points to a serious decline in the number of available technicians with the expertise to meet the growing demand. 

Australasian Piano Technology in association with Yamaha Music Australia has bridged the gap and operate a 12 month course based in Melbourne. ASPT is run with the support of the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association. 

The course is run by concert technician Brent Ottley who has over 20 years industry experience and counted among his clients the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Recital Centre.  Brent graduated from Preston College in 1988 and furthered his specialist training in concert tuning at Yamaha Japan and Yamaha America and is a highly respected member of the industry both in Australia and internationally.

Yamaha is the only piano manufacturer that supports a tuning school in Australia.

Expressions of interest in enrolling in this one year course are welcome:



Brent Ottley - australasianpianotechnology@hotmail.com


Australasian Piano Technology Home Page


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