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New High-end Drum Production Facility Announced

8/4/2013 [Musical Instruments]

New High-end Drum Production Facility Announced


8th April 2013


Yamaha is a world leading drum manufacturer with over 45 years of accumulated experience and technology in drum manufacturing, that has set the industry standard for design innovation, quality and consistency. 


Yamaha produces products and services that satisfy the diverse needs and desires of musicians worldwide. Yamaha prides itself that wherever its products are made they are always “Made in Yamaha” with the same Yamaha quality, precision and reliability.


We have made the decision to move production of our high end drums from Sakae Rhythm in Japan to a Yamaha factory based in Xiao Shan, China.


In 1997, Yamaha opened the Xiao Shan factory. This factory has been instrumental in continuing Yamaha’s growth to deliver superior quality in acoustics, design, technology and craftsmanship.


Yamaha also engages the services of many OEM factories to produce our unique products and technologies.  Sakae Rhythm has had a longstanding arrangement with Yamaha, producing some of our drums.


Many drummers who are familiar with Yamaha today believe that Sakae Rhythm was the original Yamaha production facility, but in fact production was started at Yamaha's own factories in Hamamatsu. Another common misconception is that our Air Seal System was developed at Sakae Rhythm, but it was actually developed and introduced right from the first models that were produced at our own factories.  Over the years, we have made significant advancements of our drums, and now this year, we plan to deliver an even higher standard of engineering, as we transfer our production of drums to our Yamaha facility in Xiao Shan.  This change is in line with Yamaha’s approach of “Made in Yamaha”.


In 2008, Yamaha established a custom drum factory in Hamamatsu to specifically create the ground-breaking PHX series, and continue its research and development of acoustic drum kits.  This was another development in line with Yamaha’s approach of “Made in Yamaha”.


Aside from PHX series, the production of all high-end Yamaha drums will shift to the Xiao Shan facility, starting with the new Live Custom Oak range launched at the 2013 Winter NAMM.

Production at Sakae Rhythm of the following products will cease from 1st September 2013:


·         Maple Custom Absolute / Birch Custom Absolute

·         Recording Custom

·         Club Custom

·         Oak Custom

·         Metal Snare Drums

·         Concept Series Snare Drums

·         Musashi Snare Drums

·         Vintage Wood Hoops

·         Wedge / Subkick

·         Snare Wires


We understand that there may be people who wish to purchase shells to complete their current collection, so we will take customer orders for these drums and accessories until the 30th June 2013. This is our final order month to the factory.   After this date, no further orders can be accepted.


Spare parts to service these drums will be held in large supply to accommodate the market for approximately 10 years.


We look forward to delivering our next generation of Yamaha Drums to stores throughout Australia.


Yamaha Music Australia


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