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MB-8300 FIELD-CORPS Series

MB-8300 FIELD-CORPS SeriesMB-8300 FIELD-CORPS Series

Benefiting from experience and an enviable track record at some of the world’s top fields, the MB-8300 FIELD-CORPS Series features maple shells and a consistent 14” shell depth throughout the lineup, adding solid power and presence to the bass line.

MB-8300 FIELD-CORPS SeriesOther colours available

MB-4000 Series

MB-4000 SeriesMB-4000 Series

MB-4000 Series is a versatile entry-level series.

MB-4000 SeriesOther colours available

MB-6300 Power-Lite™ Series

MB-6300 Power-Lite™ SeriesMB-6300 Power-Lite™ Series

MB-6300 Power-Lite™ Series offers great versatility with rich sound and volume plus reduced weight. It shares many of the high-end specifications and materials crucial to sound and durability.

MB-6300 Power-Lite™ SeriesOther colours available

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