Junior Extension Course

In the Junior Extension Course, focus is placed on developing the technical and expressive piano performance skills of each individual student. The multi-faceted teaching approach means that students develop the skills to learn together as a group, as well as being motivated to learn many repertoire pieces independently. Along with these piano performance skills, students are also taught more developed ensemble, keyboard harmony and aural skills.

Students in the Junior Extension Course are eligible to sit for a Yamaha Grade Examination each year, where their piano performance, sight playing/reading, hearing (melody and harmony) and accompaniment/improvisation skills are all formally assessed.

Junior Extension Course students not only learn how to play music written by others, but are also taught the technical, analytical and expressive skills required to be able to create their own music and thus participate in Yamaha’s world famous Junior Original Concert program. Each year, over 35,000 Yamaha students across the globe compose and perform their own compositions to appreciative audiences.


  • Creating a level of musical independence suitable for their age
  • Fostering their performance skills and self-expression when playing
  • Further capitalising on your child's physical, mental and emotional development
  • Continued development of aural and reading skills
  • Ongoing encouragement within a group environment, assisting with team work
  • Progression to Yamaha Advanced Courses

Students will experience:

  • Repertoire playing
  • Rhythm & Aural training
  • Ensemble playing
  • Music appreciation
  • Rudiments of music
  • Creativity development
  • Opportunity to perform at Yamaha’s Annual Concert
  • Eligible for Yamaha’s Grade Examination
  • Take part in Junior Original Concert

Course information:

Class Length 60 Minutes
Course Length 2 Years
Parent Participation Not Required
Class Type Group
Assessment Type Yamaha Piano Grade 10 & 9 Exam
Materials CD, Book
Cost Per Lesson $30.00
Cost Per Semester (including materials) From $670.00 (based on 20 lessons)